Altar Rosary Committee

Sue Spara 315-472-1938

The society is open to all women of the parish and exists to promote devotion to the Holy Rosary and to maintain care for the altar of the church; as well as to enrich the spirituality of its members and that of the St. Vincent de Paul community it serves.

The Altar Rosary group hosts many parish functions, including bake sales, annual spaghetti dinner, Valentine’s Day brunch and Lenten poverty supper.  The funds raised are returned to help defray costs of the operation of the church and/or neighboring charitable organizations.

Faith Formation

Kathryne Sparaco

Facilitates sacramental preparation, youth faith formation classes, adult enrichment opportunities and special educational events.

Finance Committee

Carl Oropallo 315-463-5109

Mandated by Canon Law, the Finance Committee was formed to oversee the general financial health of the parish to include all income and expenses.  It also oversees fair compensation for parish personnel.  The committee meets quarterly to review and track parish financial affairs.  The members produce an annual financial report published to the church community.

Happy Roamers

Contact Ann Gorton 315-478-7664

Pat Chapman 315-479-9494

A part of the northside community for 60 years, the Happy Roamers is a social group of seniors  - always accepting new members; you do not need to be a parishioner.  

Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, lasting a couple of hours and a membership fee of $10 covers the year.

Activities can include a short meeting, playing cards, BINGO – always a favorite, speakers, blood pressure screenings, and restaurant critiquing, but primarily socialization.

Legion of Mary

Christine Vaughn 315-474-0222

Our legion of Mary is part of a much larger worldwide organization of the faithful who foster devotion to the Blessed Mother and practice Spiritual Works of Mercy.  The group meets weekly on Wednesday, prays the Rosary, and cares for visiting the parish shut-ins.  Each week the members visit shut-ins, providing church bulletins while keeping these members connected to the parish, report on past visits and plan for the next.  

Liturgy Committee

Tom Murphy Jr. 315-663-5278

The Liturgy Committee meets monthly to discuss and plan for upcoming masses and special events.  Functioning primarily in an advisory capacity, the committee also coordinates personnel and other requirements for upcoming liturgies.

Pastoral Council

Maryann Hartung 315-430-4787

Members of this committee are elected and meet regularly to insure that our parish community is running smoothly.  They seek and evaluate ways to improve for the betterment of all.

Peace and Justice

Paul Welch 315-446-3733

The committee members seek to raise awareness of pressing social issues through various means including bulletin articles and local sponsorship of current campaigns in our area.

Refugee Ministry

Sister Joana Baidoo, I.H.M

Carl Oropallo 315-463-5109

Our Refugee Ministry was formed to assist new arrivals to the United States who have chosen to join St. Vincent de Paul.  The committee seeks to assist with Spiritual guidance and direction including making the Sacraments available to these new parishioners.  Those in need are given assistance with the basics of relocation including food, clothing and shelter.  The committee sponsors social and athletic events looking to foster a relationship with existing church members and strengthen our overall sense of community.

Youth Committee

Bang Ayeil

The Youth Committee was formed to provide spiritual, educational and physical opportunities for the youth of our parish.   Spiritual activities have included participation in Diocesan sponsored events as well as visits to the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio and the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.  Catholic Education is made available through weekly faith formation classes as well as other scheduled events and workshops.  A variety of athletic opportunities are provided including basketball and soccer.  Jewelry making, clay crafted in the African tradition and drumming instruction are additional options to become connected.  Friday night movies are a favorite.